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Central Protective Services is a full service security and investigative agency providing a complete range of protective services. With our strong background rooted in both the public and private sector, it is no wonder why we are growing in reputation as the industry leader.

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Of all the items in our portfolio, the most important is communication. We interact with our clients and listen hard to learn a client’s needs and to understand their challenges. Then we respond quickly, with an appropriate approach chosen from our array of expertise.

Our diversity of skills and perspectives means we create solutions to fit challenges, rather than the other way around. Our reputation comes from paying attention: attention to detail, attention to service, attention to needs. We assemble a team to match the particulars of the client’s demands. We are honored to have our client’s bring us their challenges, their business and their personal trust.

At Central Protective Services, we have revolutionized the security and investigative industry and its approach to training and developing security specialists. From the outset, Central Protective Services has been and continues to be an industry leader. We are the professionals when it comes to protective services by producing results and effectively deterring problems instead of simply reacting when they occur.

armed public safety

Through our Armed Public Safety Services, Central Protective Services’ armed division is made of the highest trained personnel in firearm safety, use and retention. We employ only top-notch security specialists who apply due to the sensitivity of this position. All of our armed Public Safety Officers are certified through the State of Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing Training and Standards Board. They are trained to de-escalate a confrontation if possible and have the skills to neutralize a confrontation if needed. Central Protective Services’ fully trained and professional security specialists present an image that both deters potential problems and promotes customer service and safety.

standard security services

Through our Standard Security Services, Central Protective Services can provide our clients with the best-uniformed security available. Our officers our placed at the job site in either a soft-line uniform or the traditional “Police Style” uniform equipped with the necessary tools to perform their duties.

The uniform security officer provides a visual deterrent to crime simply by the presence of the officer. Central Protective Services prides itself on the professionalism and appearance of all our officers. A suspect will less likely commit a crime in the presence of a security officer that is more equipped and who’s uniform is crisp and professional rather than a “guard” who does not appear to be professional at all. With Central Protective Services, our clients receive the highest level of professionalism you can find in the security industry.

Our Officers are trained to stop and apprehend suspects who are threatening the safety of others and the property of the clients. If the need arises for additional help, our officers can summon other officers and supervisors through our dispatch communication services. Officers can also summon the local police for additional assistance. This gives our clients a worry free environment.

Our society is changing rapidly; sometimes it is necessary to employ a more stern security option. Central Protective Services can provide clients with the necessary means to deter crime before it starts.

corporate security

Concerned about employee theft or other breaches in workplace security? These types of incidents affect more than short-term profitability. They can irreparably harm your business objectives, reputation and ultimately the enterprise itself.

This area of security services is often commoditized and mismanaged by competing firms – hence, the term “rent-a-cop.” That’s why Genesis Group formed a synergistic division devoted to the task.

Central Protective Services provides both armed and unarmed security personnel according to your needs. These professionals are selected based on their elite skills and familiarity with the sensitive nature of this type of security. Each of our public safety officers ar licensed and insured and has received training certified through the State of Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services. They are trained to de-escalate confrontations first, if possible, and have the skills to neutralize a confrontation if necessary. The very presence of our officers alone can deter potential problems and promote customer service and safety.

Services available:

  • Consulting Services
  • Industrial Security
  • CCTV Sales and Service
  • Commercial & Government Security
  • Retail Security
  • High Threat Level Protection
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • Event Staffing

mobile response services

Central Protective Services maintains one of the largest and pro-active property patrol divisions in Milwaukee. Our Mobile Property Patrol Services can provide clients with an effective means to maintain security without having the cost of a uniformed presence at the site at all times. With Mobile Property Patrol Services, we can offer clients highly trained and motivated public safety officers with fully equipped patrol vehicles. This offers a quick response to situations that require criminal deterrence or intervention. This approach will minimize property owners being labeled as Nuisance Properties. By using Mobile Property Patrol Services, we can provide clients and businesses in their area a more pro-active means of security.

Every time a site check is performed, a detailed log is generated and available for the client. With these reports, our clients can determine an effective approach to a higher level of security and safety, which results in promoting a safe environment and higher tenant retention.

personal security detail

Composed of highly experienced and well trained former Military and Government Security personnel, we are available to discuss your security concerns and to create a solution to fit your needs. Whether it is for one security agent or a full security detail, we will conduct a thorough risk assessment and analysis, based upon the information provided and obtained through our threat assessment, and put in place a program that will produce the results for success.

Services available though our Personal Security Detail:

  • Secured Transport Services
  • Executive, Celebrity and Personal Security Details
  • Counter-Surveillance
  • Threat Assessment
  • Emergency Response
  • Site Protection

event staffing

Through our Event Staffing Services, Central Protective Services can provide our clients with a softer approach to outfitting their event with the highest quality staff to manage the process such as bag checking & wanding, monitoring & enforcement of all entry points, access management and traffic management.

Any event has the potential to introduce variables into the security equation. Experienced and careful planning is necessary to ensure public safety and deliver an enjoyable experience to all guests. While security is our primary priority at CPS, we strive to maintain a balance between enforcing security and honoring individual rights and freedoms.

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