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Critical Response Training

High-risk Public Exposure. Workplace violence. Active Shooter. Fraud. Corrupt Employees. We live in a free society that encourages the best and the worst in people. Our job is to change your odds of being a victim by reducing the risk factors and protecting your interests. Take a quick look around our site to learn how we are best suited to minimize your risk.

Tactical Training Solutions

Genesis Tactical Solutions is dedicated to the goal of creating Awareness against a sudden assault. For this reason, we offer the most practical, intense, and realistic training available. Our training is not stagnant, but constantly being refined and expanded because it is planted in the ongoing and diverse changes in today’s society. At VTS, we train you to handle the situations and not just weapons. The difference can mean life or death – “Survival through Training”.

Protective Services

Central Protective Services is a full service security and investigative agency providing a complete range of protective services. With our strong background rooted in both the public and private sector, it is no wonder why we are growing in reputation as the industry leader.

About Us

A multitude of risk management and security solutions are available with Genesis Group. Let us find a custom solution for your safety needs.

Genesis Group is a consulting and training company focused on changing your odds of being a victim by reducing the risk factors and protecting your interests. From interpersonal discord, verbal abuse and bullying – to crisis communications, assault and physical violence.

We, at the Genesis Group, provide a full range of risk management, investigative, security and other preventative services to ensure your needs are fully covered. With lives and businesses at stake, you want to know you have the right team protecting you and your bottom line.