“I have used Genesis Group on many cases for a number of years. I have always been very satisfied in the quality of their work, their prompt contacts with updates and their investigations. I have the utmost confidence in them and can recommend them without hesitation. They are among the finest people I’ve worked with in this business.”


Claims Representative

” I Would recommend the courses offered through O.D.T.C. and their instructors to anyone in the industry. The experience I received will benefit me in the long run and is an awesome stepping stone for my future goals.”

Frank Z.

“I have used other companies in the past simply because they offered a lower price. Believe me when I say that you get what you pay for!!! CPS has proven to be the best there is!”



“The class and training was so detailed and in-depth. I believe all in the class have more respect and knowledge of handling and owning guns. Also we commended our officers on their dedication to our communities safety.”
– Tracy Alvarez

“Genesis is honest, hard working and good at what they do.”
– Tony Dwyer

“Great group of people hard-working, dedicated to the profession, experienced and seasoned. Definitely a place to go and to send your people for training that will not only impact their lives, but work in the reality not in theory.”
– Dave Young

post2 “Great at what they do and very professional. I highly recommend them.”
– Pat Cook

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A multitude of risk management and security solutions are available with Genesis Group. Let us find a custom solution for your safety needs.