Genesis Tactical Solutions is dedicated to the goal of creating Awareness against a sudden assault. For this reason, we offer the most practical, intense, and realistic training available. Our training is not stagnant, but constantly being refined and expanded because it is planted in the ongoing and diverse changes in today’s society. At GTS, we train you to handle the situations and not just weapons. The difference can mean life or death – “Survival through Training”.

our course offerings

law enforcement and security training


Our Officer Development Training Center concentrates on fostering officer safety. Performing these services in today’s society requires the most practical, intense and realistic training available. Our program is constantly reviewed and refined to ensure officers can perform their duties with preparedness and confidence.

Our O.D.T.C. program encompasses high risk situations in addition to the safe handling and use of weapons. We firmly believe in the mantra, “Survival through Training.” Anything less could result in a catastrophic event that could have been avoided.

Safety & Awareness: Escape

Concealed Carry Courses

Public Safety Officer Course

Defensive and Arrest Tactics

Firearms proficiency Training for security professionals

ASP Tactical Baton

Oleoresin Capsicum Aerosol Training

CPR with A.E.D.